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is one of the leading mobile phone wholesale and distribution companies in Poland. wholesalers of brand new, original, European specific mobile phones and tablets. We offer a full range of all the major handset brands and models at highly competitive pricing.

Why Smalltronic?
From our warehouse in the center of Europe we can provide even next day worldwide deliveries. We have a close relationship with most of the major manufacturers and distributors and therefore we are in the position to provide wide range of products on competitive prices to our customers. Over the years our company became well known through its exceptional service, reliability and continuous up-to-date availability of products.

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Edgar Arana

Tel: +48608547252

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Inesa Zuber

Tel: +48735191366

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Skype: inesa.zuber

Żaneta Makowska

Tel: +48602640410

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Magdalena Tomaszewska

Tel: +48735229590

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Łukasz Brzozowski 

Tel: +48668627009

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