Coolmix es un miembro gsmExchange desde 2016 y miembro premium desde 2016.

Coolmix started as a consumer e-commerce website for used Apple products, the best known in the Netherlands with more than 2 years warranty and the best service. Coolmix was founded in 2014 and at the time was the second provider of Refurbished phones. Today there are more than 55+ companies.

In 2020 Coolmix has also committed itself to the B2B market, especially the wholesalers, in addition to the consumers, the focus is European. Coolmix is a Golden member at Handelot as well as in GSM Exchange and The Broker Site. In the year 2022, Coolmix can call itself one of the stars in worldwide distribution and wholesale. We work with exclusively selected and trusted partners. We work with a very high and accurate assessment standard, which means that we select our devices with the best quality.


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