IT2U GmbH is a gsmExchange member since 2005 and a premium member since 2005.

IT2U GmbH is a privately owned, independent distribution company, established in 2000. IT2U is one of Europe’s suppliers of top brands in the fields of GSM, accessories, licensed accessories, game consoles, consumer electronics, digital imaging, navigation systems, home appliance, components and much more.

The international IT2U-Team based in three location ( Leipzig, Hannover and Osnabrück) has more than ten years of rich experience through outstanding and continuous market screening, the ability to anticipate market development and understanding of the objectives and expectations of our clients. Our business units cover B2B-segments (mobile phones, consumer electronics, game consoles, accessories and home appliance), B2C-activities in combination with ethno marketing, projects and services.

 Our story of the past decade


Foundation through Sven Surma


B2C Online Shop


ITC Distribution, Division GSM, 2. Chairman Andre Rathert, coming from NT-PLus


8 employees, 19.5 Mio. annual turnover


12 employees, 31.5 Mio. annual turnover, Division CE, brand BONUS2U


15 employees, official distributorship contracts with 3 major brands,
39 Mio. annual turnover


18 employees, 67.5 Mio. annual turnover,
official distributor-ship contracts with 12 major brands


25 employees, Target: 100 Mio. annual turnover,
over 20 official distributorship contracts with major brands

At IT2U GmbH we supply many of the leading brands of the industry such as Sony, Nintendo, Samsung, Olympus, Fuji, Garmin, Navigon, Nokia, Kenwood, De’Longhi, Sharp, Casio and Sennheiser.

Our strength is always to indicate synergy effects and to hold on long term business relationships. We aim to utilise our established key contacts and alliances through Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa and America very efficiently.We are constantly looking for new business partners, new market potential and new opportunities.

With our optimised knowledge of more than a decade of experience in various commodity markets, IT2U aims to guide and assist our trade partners to meet their local and international requirements and to maximise opportunities that arise as a result. Our quality statement ensures that all our partners will receive a professional service, frequent support and competitive pricing.

Our Sales Team is looking forward to treat your requests, so do not hesitate to contact us.


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