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    Samsung New original LCD's supplied in Service packs.

    Make Model Part Number Quantity Description  Euro Price 
    Samsung GT-I9301  Galaxy S3 Neo  White GH97-15472B 148 MEA FRONT-OCTA LCD (SVC/RW)_               58.40
    Samsung GT-I9301  Galaxy S3 Neo  Metallic Blue GH97-15472A 169 MEA FRONT-OCTA LCD (CHN/MB)_SVC               54.60
    Samsung SM-N9005 Galaxy Note 3 Pink GH97-15209C 63 MEA FRONT-OCTA ASSY(SVC/PINK)               81.00
    Samsung GT-I9195 Galaxy S4 mini White  LTE GH97-14766B 200 MEA FRONT-OCTA LCD(SVC/WHT)               64.60
    Samsung GT-I9195 Galaxy S4 mini Black  LTE GH97-14766A 205 MEA FRONT-OCTA LCD(SVC/BLK)               64.25
    Samsung GT-I8730 Galaxy Express  Titan Gray GH97-14427B 23 MEA FRONT-OCTA LCD(SVC/GRAY)               75.24
    Samsung GT-I8730 Galaxy Express  White GH97-14427A 17 MEA FRONT-OCTA LCD(SVC/WHT)               68.50
    Samsung GT-I9105 Galaxy SII plus White GH97-14301B 38 MEA FRONT-OCTA LCD ASSY(SVC/CW)               69.50
    Samsung GT-I9105 Galaxy SII plus Blue GH97-14301A 49 MEA FRONT-OCTA LCD ASSY(SVC/BLUE)               52.00
    Samsung GT-I8190 Galaxy S3 mini  Black GH97-14204C 152 MEA FRONT-OCTA LCD ASSY(SVC/BLK)               49.95
    Samsung GT-I8190 Galaxy S3 mini  Metallic Blue GH97-14204B 46 MEA FRONT-OCTA LCD ASSY(SVC/MB)               61.50
    Samsung GT-I8190 Galaxy S3 mini  Ceramic White GH97-14204A 47 MEA FRONT-OCTA LCD ASSY(SVC/RW)               55.00
    Samsung GT-N7105 Galaxy Note II LTE  Ceramic White GH97-14114A 16 MEA FRONT-OCTA LCD ASSY(SVC)               98.00
    Samsung GT-I9305 Galaxy SIII LTE  Ceramic White GH97-14106C 67 MEA FRONT-OCTA LCD (SVC)               82.00
    Samsung GT-I9305 Galaxy SIII LTE  Titan Grey GH97-14106A 17 MEA FRONT-OCTA LCD (SVC)               84.00
    Samsung GT-N7000 Galaxy Note  White GH97-12948B 45 MEA FRONT-OCTA LCD (SVC/WHITE)               89.96
    Samsung GT-I9100 White GH97-12712A 63 MEA FRONT-OCTA LCD ASSY(-CA)                36.86

    Also other models in stock, send a list of the models and quantities you are looking for and we will let you know if we can offer them in the near future.

    Full price lists available for new original parts for Samsung, Sony, Huawei & Microsoft/Nokia, our price lists offer only 100% original parts including LCD's, middle housings, battery covers, flex cables, PCB's, system connectors, keypads, cameras, speakers and many more parts. Contact

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